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Statement March 2023

Updated: Jan 16

From 2011 to present my primary medium of reverse painting with plate glass mirror / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements, allowed the intended driven purpose for creating unique objects of art, utilizing the silver-reflective coating as color, the 8th element of design! Developing a definitive style has taken its time… New techniques by way of experimentation and discovery, incorporating new materials and adjustments for application, with trial and much error, led to specific application techniques and four definitive styles of Abstract Narrative, Energy, Landscape and Mosaic’s emerged. Presented and included here in the current / recent work window for my newly designed website by way of Digital Visibility Concepts.

Postmodernism carries my conceptual influence and philosophy. When starting a new piece, I have determined the scale and style, although color and form are not controlled by my determination to create anything that would resemble an exact representation of the natural world, or heavens, albeit a view through the looking glass into another world. Placing objective reasoning in the background, allowing the work to progress as one layer of color and form follows another, a place to stop will present itself. When I have found the final composition, at this finishing moment, subjective reasoning ebbs into an objective perspective, a personal narrative or reality for this finished piece.I name the piece, frame and sign the glass panel. Art courts the physic, visually we have an emotional response to color and form; The color ways in my work, forms, symbols, all lead to a personal interpretation of the art. We reason and feel through subjective reason and then after, an objective perspective presents itself. These windows of abstract color and form are a behind the looking glass experience, a photo mosaic where neuroscience and imagination offer opportunity for personal introspection, consideration of other dimensions, the energy of life just outside of consciousness, our present existence. Wherein our bodies are a composite of all the elements in our universe and when looking through the glass, in this moment of physical and philosophical reflection one might consider the origin of our existence, we see ourselves in the art, a reflection of creation.

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