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The following images are examples of my “Mosaic” style of Vere’ / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements. A grid pattern of silver, the reflective coating on the back side of a plate glass mirror is formed and where the lines forming the grid remain silver / reflective. The reflective coating inside the grid spaces is then removed framing the clear glass areas in the grid. I then selectively add color / paint inside each small clear glass area in the grid creating a composition of color and form within the overall boarder of the composition. My process of choosing the specific areas of color and form are a “layers of the onion” effort, working throughout the entire composition, painting the same swatch of color in 3 or as many as 5 adjacent areas of the clear “boxes” of glass. Repeating this process with different colors until the composition is complete in the frame of the grid, searching for the beginning and then the final composition in progression of the process. Rarely are the compositions conceived or fully realized until the process is well underway. These “Mosaic’s” reflect light and open the space just as a clear mirror would, although the primary intention is the art, dreams recalled or realized, a subjective “reflective” experience.

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