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Welcome to Timothy Poe Studio! I am a multi-media artist working in 2-D and 3-D formats. My 2-D designs are in Vere’ / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements or, reverse painting with plate glass mirror, and also mixed media on ground gesso boards! Both 2-D formats are unique in there own right, something of a new genre of artistic expression! Utilizing the reflective surface applied to the back of new plate glass mirror, I selectively remove the reflective coating creating areas of clear glass where I then paint  adjacent to the reflective coating. The glass is my canvas.

The painting on ground gesso (traditional whiting gesso) board with a textured reticulated paint applied to the surface and when the paint forms dry, I complete the composition with an oil emulsion of color! My current 3-D designs are ready-mades’, assembled found objects composed to project and convey a metaphor or multiple metaphors’ within a particular theme?

Please feel free to contact me about the availability of any of my recent work. 
Some of my current/recent work will be featured in my Blog section. 

1200 10th St. N. Birmingham, Al 35204

(205) 240-9429

My Style

The discovery and development of the Vere’ / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements technique had more than a decade of experience. Creating two dimensional objects of art with plate glass mirror has satisfied a strong desire for my artistic expression, discovery of the never before realized object with reflective areas, creating unique ideas for art and design! Gleaning techniques from experience in furniture restoration, decorative painting, hot glass techniques gleaned from the Pilchuck Glass School and while attending UAB completing an art studio degree a 30 + year effort as a working artist. This time has given way to a degree the self confidence to continue until for some unforeseen reason, I must leave the studio? I consider most of my recent work an abstract narrative style although, some might “reflect “on this idea in a different light? 


Jean-Baptiste Glomy (1711-1786) first initiated the technique of reverse painting on glass, incorporating gold and silver leaf, this was certainly an original genre of art leading to the intricate Vere’ Eglomise’ designs of English artist Thomas Pelletier during the first half of the 20th century. Recent 21st c. examples are in a reference to work by Car Guo-Qiang / China who presented his “Non-Brand”, Gun powder, glass and mirror piece during an exhibition at the Guginheim, NY,NY in 2019. My style of reverse painting on plate glass mirror began in 2005 when I developed a unique process for creating the look of antique mirror using new plate glass mirror. Utilizing the silver reflective coating as a design element combined with color was an adaptation of these styles by Glomy & Pelletier and where my work may be considered a unique adaptive style of artistic expression? My efforts expanded in 2011, developing new techniques for this medium of plate glass with a silver coating and began to emerge where I explored new ways of narrative and abstract expression! Today I steady on, continuing to place objects of reverse painted plate glass mirror in private homes and corporate venues! However, there is a problem of perception for my work, where a plate glass mirror is considered a utilitarian object, as a bolt of cotton canvas stretched onto a frame waiting to be transformed by painting the blank canvas, my blank canvas is the reflective coating applied to the clear glass!   My Eglomise’ paintings are difficult to describe unless experienced in real time? A normal first reaction to the work, these objects of glass, color and reflection might be… ‘What’ is it, how do you do this and how long does it take?” I use plate glass mirror, removing portions of the reflective coating from the back side of the mirror with an alkyd chemical exposing clear glass against the remaining reflective coating and then paint in these clear glass areas. Since 2006 developing these techniques and consistently realize new ways and ideas”! My work is abstraction, organic, it reflects light by varying degrees depending on the percentage of reflective material remaining in the composition, reflecting ambient light in and around the observed object! I do not paint exact representations of the human form or other living forms and as such, although one may perceive living and or inanimate forms in my compositions. Art is subjective to one’s personal perception and experience, thought and emotion give rise to one another where interpretation meets. I consider the most unique aspect of my work is the reflective elements that remain, facilitating a physical reflection of light, that give way to philosophical reflection. The human sight mechanism, electrons bouncing off the silver behind clear glass projecting the viewers form and objects around them. My work, these objects of reverse painted plate glass mirror also possess the ability to bring memories to the forefront, projected back and then forward again to the present moment, creating an intimate “through the looking glass” experience! In the studio, I hope to find the zone, a place between intention and spontaneous interaction! I create for myself although and ultimately the effort, the art is intended for the viewer, a positive, transcendental experience! I discovered the “Mana” 2-D format of painting on traditional ground gesso board in 2023, this is a unusual format where textural formations are produced by way of a special type of paint splashed onto a mineral spirits wash on the primed gessoed board. The paint reticulates finding its way to resemble organic fossilized living forms, drying on the ground gesso board, I then paint through and with these forms… My color palette using sheer oil color glazes take on the feel of chalk pastel due to the absorption of the porous whiting gesso ground / primer. I have not yet found a definitive explanation for the organic life like forms rendered from the splashed paint into the organic solvent, although my research is ongoing and I hope to offer a scientific explanation for the chemical reaction between these two materials very soon. The “ Mana” tag for this new genre of painting is in reference to American Indian folklore, where the American Indian was a polytheistic and saw God, the divine spirt in all living things!

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